Affinity Labs offers analytical and consulting services to the food and beverage industry. This includes an extensive suite of services for grape and wine, as well as tailored services for beer, spirits, food and other beverages.



Laboratory Analysis

Affinity Labs’ NATA-accredited laboratories deliver high-quality and cost-effective routine, export and specialist analyses. We offer a comprehensive range of tests for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, including wine, beer, spirits, cider and kombucha, as well as a range of RTD beverages.

Sensory Services

Affinity Labs offers a broad range of sensory facilities and services. We have expert sensory staff and highly trained sensory panels combined with world-class facilities, allowing solutions to be tailored to client needs.


We have significant expertise in Affinity Labs has significant expertise in the development and execution of environmental strategies for producers and suppliers and can assist organisations in better managing, supporting and promoting sustainability.

Plant Health

Affinity Labs can detect a range of pathogens in plant material and offers a grapevine virus elimination service. We also specialise in the analysis of agrochemical residues, trace metabolites and toxins in fruits, vegetables, grains and fodder crops.

Small-Scale Production

We provide a specialist contract Affinity Labs provides a specialist contract winemaking service with a focus on small-batch wines. We provide high quality small- and pilot-scale fermentation and beverage development for research and commercial projects.

Packaging & Shelf-life Testing

Affinity Labs supports new product development, including formulation, packaging material testing, aroma and flavour additive trials, small-scale packaging services, shelf-life assessment and troubleshooting for taints and faults.

Training & Assessment

Affinity Labs is highly skilled in the development, planning and delivery of wine industry education and outreach programs across Australia. Our services includes technical training for operations and laboratory staff, as well as delivery of tasting education and proficiency programs.

Consulting & Project Management

Affinity Labs offers technical support and consulting services to producers and suppliers in the food and beverage industry. Our expert team of chemists, microbiologists, engineers and food scientists are skilled at developing customised solutions for a range of technical challenges.

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