We provide tailored shelf-life testing services to food and beverage producers and suppliers including: 

  • Assistance with product design and packaging considerations
  • Small-scale packaging capabilities, using controlled fill procedures
  • Storage in temperature-controlled facilities
  • Detailed chemical profiling
  • Physical testing of packaging attributes 
  • Monitoring of key aroma and flavour product attributes
  • Assistance with fault and taint diagnosis. 

These services are supported by NATA-accredited (ISO 17025) multi-purpose analytical laboratories and world-class sensory evaluation services. 

Our small-scale packaging set-up can incorporate bottle, can and plastic-based packaging formats and uses state-of-the-art oxygen management techniques to replicate the performance of commercial packaging lines. Accelerated shelf life testing typically incorporates storage at elevated temperature, but can also include light exposure testing, humidity impact and sensitivity to external factors experienced throughout the supply chain (e.g. force impact, vibration). 

Chemical profiling typically includes antioxidants, colour profiling, turbidity and common spoilage indicators. More specific, targeted analysis can also be incorporated, if required. Physical testing options include oxygen transmission rate testing, closure extraction, bore profiling and pressure testing. Trials can be designed for any desired period of time, according to shelf-life expectations and typically include monitoring at multiple timepoints, to allow a dynamic and responsive assessment of product performance.

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