Plasticisers / phthalates analysis

Phthalates are widely used as additives (plasticisers) in the production of plastic materials, such as PVC, and act to soften the materials to increase its processability, flexibility and extensibility. They are also added to paints, varnishes and rubbers as well as to certain food packaging materials. Phthalates are not chemically bound to the materials they

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Vinolok glass closure

Vinolok case study

Evaluating an innovative glass closure The client The Vinolok glass closure is manufactured in the Czech Republic and used worldwide by thewine and spirits sector. The company prides itself on developing unique and elegantclosures, using sustainable practices. The challenge The Vinolok glass closure provided a viable alternative to established wine closures, such asscrewcaps and cork,

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Diam case study

Long-term closure performance benchmarking trial The client Diam Bouchage is the leading global supplier of technical cork closures for the wine andspirits sector. The company sells over 2 billion closures globally every year and suppliesmore than 80 countries worldwide.The company prides itself on designing innovative products to provide wines and spiritsproducers with closures that optimise

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