Affinity Labs offers analytical and consulting services to the food and beverage industry. This includes an extensive suite of services for grape and wine, as well as tailored services for beer, spirits, food and other beverages.

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Wine & Grapes

We offer a comprehensive range of testing services for the wine industry, including chemical and microbiological analysis, sensory assessment and export certification services for an extensive range of worldwide markets. Our NATA-accredited (ISO17025) laboratories perform more than 100,000 analyses per year and have serviced the Australian wine industry since 1984.

We also offer a broad range of technical support and consulting services to support new product development, shelf-life testing, technology trials, problem solving and environmental sustainability. 

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Raw Materials

We provide analytical tests and certification for a broad range of raw materials, in line with OIV (Codex) requirements. Talk to us today to find out how we can support your quality assurance program.


Affinity Labs offers a one-stop-shop for all brewing analytical needs. Our services include compositional analysis (alcohol, CO2, SO2 and sugars), quality measures (bitterness, colour, turbidity, density and bottle pressure), microbiological testing, water analysis and hops analysis.


Affinity Labs delivers a wide range of analytical, consulting and technical services to spirits producers and suppliers. We provide chemical profiling and sensory evaluation services through our state-of-the-art analytical laboratories and sensory facilities.


Affinity Labs provides analytical, microbiological and sensory services to food producers. We can assist with shelf-life studies and new product development and have extensive experience in packaging technologies and performance evaluation.

Other Beverages

We provide an extensive suite of analytical and sensory services for beverages, including both alcoholic and non-alcoholic products. We also have expertise in product formulation, packaging and testing to support new product development.

Assorted Organic Craft Sodas with Cane Sugar