Smoke analysis – critical information

The AWRI recommends assessing the risk of smoke taint by analytical testing of grapes sampled approximately three weeks before harvest, to allow for transport, analysis and receipt of results in time to support harvest decisions. Samples received at Affinity Labs less than 10 working days prior to harvest date may not have results prior to harvest.

Producers may also wish to consider conducting a small-scale ferment of potentially affected grapes, which can be subjected to sensory analysis to help assess the potential risk of smoky characters developing in wine.

Read more about smoke analysis offered by Affinity Labs on the Smoke analysis fact sheet.

Analysis results

Affinity Labs has a 10 working day turnaround time for analysis from the receipt of samples. Turnaround times may be impacted during a major smoke event.

Results are sent via email. Please ensure the email provided to us is correct.

For assistance in interpreting results from smoke analysis, please contact the AWRI helpdesk on 08 8313 6600 or

Want to send samples for smoke analysis direct to Affinity Labs?

Complete the Wine smoke analysis web order form, along with any required biosecurity documentation and follow the sending instructions.