For a cost-effective evaluation of multiple samples, methods such as Pivot©Profilie and Projective Mapping (Napping©) are useful. These approaches are especially appropriate for screening products with different sensory properties.

Pivot©Profile is a rapid, frequency-based descriptive method that can provide reliable insights into the characteristics of a set of products. Assessors use an identified ‘pivot’ (control) sample as a reference for comparing all the other samples in a group for appearance, aroma and palate attributes. The Pivot©Profile method is simple to perform in a single session and generates meaningful data that shows how the products differ from each other.

Projective Mapping (or Napping©) is another rapid sensory method, which offers a holistic way of differentiating multiple samples from one another. Assessors are asked to evaluate the samples in a set and separate them on a two-dimensional space based on how similar or different they are from one another. Judges can also provide short descriptions for each of the groups. This method is recommended for smaller sample sizes.

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