The client

AB Biotek is a specialty yeast and ingredients division of AB Mauri, a global manufacturer of the international group Associated British Foods (ABF). AB Biotek provides customised fermentation-based, sustainable solutions through proprietary and purposefully sourced microorganisms to create differentiated food, beverage, health and nutrition products.

The challenge

The us of different yeasts in the fermentation processes can lead to unique aroma and flavour attributes in alcoholic beverages. However, some are not specifically suited to spirit production and do not efficiently convert the complex sugars present in the wort to alcohol or produce unwanted off-flavours or taints in the resulting spirit.

The solution

Affinity Labs was approached by AB Biotek to provide sensory profiling of new-make spirits that had been produced with different yeast strains. The aroma and flavour profiles of a series of spirit samples were captured using a rapid sensory profiling technique.

The outcome

This approach allowed the individual characteristics imparted by the yeasts to be characterised and provided a meaningful was for AB Biotek to define the potential for its yeast products to produce unique spirit products.

“Affinity Labs has world-class expertise. The team provided AB Biotek with professional and high-quality scientific services, resulting in successful commercial outcomes.”

Tina Tran, APAC Commercial Director – Alcohol Yeast & Ingredients, AB Biotek