Exporting wine overseas for the first time can seem complicated, but Affinity Labs can assist in making the process as easy as possible. When you are issued with export certificates from Affinity Labs you can be confident your wine complies with the strict requirements of overseas markets. Certificates are delivered reliably and quickly for all types of wine – sweet or dry, still or sparkling, bulk or packaged. Our experienced Customer Service team can advise you on the certificates required. Explore all wine laboratory analysis here.


Every wine leaving Australia as part of a consignment of more than 100 litres requires approval from Wine Australia. Affinity Labs can supply the analytical requirements for export. When exporting wine to a country without a standardised certificate, contact Affinity Labs for assistance. Our Customer Service team will be happy to work through your specific export with you to help make the process as simple as possible. For information regarding Product Registration through the Wine Australia Licensing and Approval System (WALAS), labels or any other export documentation, please contact Wine Australia:

Telephone: +61 8 8228 2000
Facsimile: +61 8 8228 2066
E-mail: exports@wineaustralia.com
Website: http://www.wineaustralia.com



The analysis required for the ‘Product Registration through the Wine Export Approval System’ is referred to as a ‘Certificate of Analysis’. To obtain a ‘Certificate of Analysis’ for export approval, please send 2 x 750 mL bottles of each wine to Affinity Labs with a completed purchase order. Some countries, such as Brazil, Japan and Europe, require additional export certificates. These certificates have specific analysis requirements, which can be performed by Affinity Labs.


Wines destined for Europe require a VI1 certificate of analysis in addition to the compulsory Export Approval components which are included in our Certificate of Analysis. There are two different types of VI1 certificates; packaged and bulk. The analytical requirements differ for each certificate.


Please be aware that your client/importer can sometimes request analyses outside of the standard analytical requirements for that certificate. Please ensure you request any additional tests not included in the standard certificate on the purchase order or contact Affinity Labs to discuss your options on 08 8313 0444 or email  customerservice@affinitylabs.com.au.

Lab Analysis T1 Page Export Certification
Lab Analysis T1 Page Export Certification

We offer tailored shelf-life testing services to food and beverage producers and suppliers.
This includes:

Assistance with product design and packaging considerations

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Small-scale packaging capabilities, using controlled fill procedures

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Storage in temperature controlled facilities

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Microbiological testing for harmful micro-organisms

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Detailed chemical profiling

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Physical testing of packaging attributes

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Monitoring of key aroma and flavour product attributes

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Assistance with fault and taint diagnosis

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    Affinity Labs’ NATA-accredited laboratories perform more than 100,000 analyses per year and have serviced the Australian wine industry since 1984. The laboratories deliver high-quality cost-effective routine, export or specialist analyses, whether it is for a single sample or a large batch of samples

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