Affinity Labs main testing laboratory is located in Adelaide, South Australia. Importing plant material for laboratory analysis or research purposes is regulated in our state under the Plant Health Act 2009 and the South Australian Plant Quarantine Standard. Our laboratory is a CA12 Accredited laboratory within South Australia which allows us to receive diagnostic plant material from interstate. Grapevine samples sent to us from interstate must be accompanied by a completed declaration document. This applies to interstate importation of grapevines, soil and other plant material.

Instructions for sending grapevines change based on the testing you require. All the information you need is below.

Order testing for grapevine virus diagnostics and grapevine variety ID

Customer account

Analysis is ordered through the Affinity Labs website. To begin, you will need to have an existing account. If you need to establish an account, complete the account application form on our website.

Order services

To order testing, click on the ‘submit samples’ menu in the top right corner of the Affinity Labs website, then select ‘wine and grapes’ and ‘plant testing’. Complete the web form and select the virus testing, virus elimination or grapevine variety ID services you wish to order. Once the order form has been submitted, prepare your grapevine samples.

Use the questionnaire below to determine the best sampling and submission process for your analysis selection and region.

Grapevine plantlets