Understanding taints and faults in spirit products

Distillers always strive to make the best possible spirit products and deliver the optimum taste and aroma experience for consumers. It’s a meticulous art where everything from the raw materials to the final matuation can dramatically affect the final quality. However, despite their best efforts, spirit producers sometimes encounter taints and faults in their final

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The art of creating a clean spirit

In spirit production, the distillation process is critical for creating a clean and refined product. It is responsible for extracting desired flavours and aromas and shapes the character of the final spirit. It also allows producers to remove undesirable characters and provide balance to the final product. While many factors contribute to the creation of

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Cans of prosecco on ice

Solving the canned wine challenge

The client Brown Brothers is a member of Australia’s First Families of Wine (AFFW) and proudly boasts a reputation as a true innovator and trailblazer, both in Australia and overseas. The multi-generation family of winemakers has been based in the King Valley region of Victoria since 1889 and has pioneered alternative varieties, such as Moscato,

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Yeast – a tool to enhance the flavour of spirits

The client AB Biotek is a specialty yeast and ingredients division of AB Mauri, a global manufacturer of the international group Associated British Foods (ABF). AB Biotek provides customised fermentation-based, sustainable solutions through proprietary and purposefully sourced microorganisms to create differentiated food, beverage, health and nutrition products. The challenge The us of different yeasts in

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Vinolok glass closure

Vinolok case study

Evaluating an innovative glass closure The client The Vinolok glass closure is manufactured in the Czech Republic and used worldwide by thewine and spirits sector. The company prides itself on developing unique and elegantclosures, using sustainable practices. The challenge The Vinolok glass closure provided a viable alternative to established wine closures, such asscrewcaps and cork,

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Diam case study

Long-term closure performance benchmarking trial The client Diam Bouchage is the leading global supplier of technical cork closures for the wine andspirits sector. The company sells over 2 billion closures globally every year and suppliesmore than 80 countries worldwide.The company prides itself on designing innovative products to provide wines and spiritsproducers with closures that optimise

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Sentia hand-held analyser

Universal Biosensors case study

Validation of Sentia™ hand-held portable analyser The client Universal Biosensors is a global biosensor company and a world leader in electrochemicalcell technology. The Sentia™ hand-held portable analyser provides efficient and accurateelectrochemical detection of a range of wine analytes throughout the wine productionprocess. It uses disposable test strips that only require a small sample volume and

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Comparison of methods

Comparison of common methods for measuring alcohol in wine One of the most commonly measured and heavily regulated aspects of wine production and sale is its alcoholic content, usually expressed in terms of percent alcohol volume per volume (% alcohol by volume, % v/v). In typical table wines this alcohol content is made up mostly

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Plant virus testing fact sheet

Introduction Grapevine viruses can shorten the life of infected grapevines and reduce both the quality and yield of grapes. Several viruses, especially those belonging to ‘rugose wood complex’, have been associated with graft incompatibility. In some cases, especially in many white grape varieties and non-vinifera rootstocks, virus-infected vines do not show symptoms but the virus

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Energy audit case study

Energy audit case study – progressive winery goes even further Energy efficiency has been a hot topic lately, for both industries and governments. This has been driven by rising power prices, grid instabilities and the advances in solar and storage technologies that allow businesses to take more control of their energy supply. Several state governments

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